Petroleum (Acid?) Spill, Huron River, A2, Michigan

On the evening of July 19th, a spill occurred in the Huron River.  Did you know?  The public was never notified about a health or environmental hazard and for the next week, hundreds would canoe, swim and fish in the river.

""No entity has found any significant impact or known cause for the release of what has been clearly been identified (by more than one source) as a petroleum based product... ... I consider this matter closed as a minor spill from an unknown source with no evident environmental impact." -- City of Ann Arbor, Emergency Management

"This type of discharge is more common then you may realize.  Urban storm water is not clean, and generally the public still does not understand their personal impacts to water quality based on their actions." -- MDNRE

"There are no obligations for U of M to make public notice for an incident like this" -- MDNRE