Petroleum (Acid?) Spill, Huron River, A2, Michigan

Spill #1, July 19th -- A Spill in My Backyard -- Ann Arbor (CNN iReport)
(the first report of the spill)

July 20th -- "Chemical Discovered in Huron River near University of Michigan" (
(by Tina Reed)

July 21st -- Out of Sight -- An ("Isolated) Oil Spill in Ann Arbor, Michigan (CNN iReport)
(more photos about the spill)

July 22nd -- "Chemical found in Huron River was petroleum-based, official says" (
(by Tina Reed)

July 26th -- (Im)pure Michigan Oil Spill -- Ann Arbor & Huron River (CNN iReport)
(summary of investigation and recommendations for the future)

July 28th -- Geese Swimming to Oil in Ann Arbor, Michigan -- The Day After the Spill (CNN iReport)
(I realize a few days later that I had photos of the geese swimming towards the spill)

July 28th -- Phosphoric Acid Spill in Ann Arbor, Michigan? (CNN iReport)
(I was finally notified, 10 days after the spill that it was Phosphoric Acid)

Aug. 8th -- Did You Know?  Algae & Acid, A Bloom & Phosphoric Acid Spill in Ann Arbor, MI
A few weeks later, a nice algae bloom in Gallup Park. 

Aug. 12th -- The UNKNOWN Floating Object -- UFOs in Ann Arbor
Unknown source, unknown cause, unknown quantity.... but now it might be mineral salts instead.

Spill #2 -- Kalamazoo River -- "Governor Sounds Alarm About Oil Spill in Michigan River"
The big one in Michigan

Spill #3 -- Belle River -- "Gasoline Spill on Lapeer Tributary to Belle River"

Spill #4 -- Saline River -- "MILAN:  Feds Investigate Oily Substance Found in Saline River"