Petroleum (Acid?) Spill, Huron River, A2, Michigan

The MDNRE, viewed this incident as 'common'.  Attached is a lecture I received from them about this incident.  You saw photos that I took and research that I did regarding the incident... now read the MDNRE response to the 'common' occurrance that happened in the Huron River on that night.  Keep in mind, this spill happened before a storm and not during a storm.

Yes, the University is following their requirements.  They have no other requirements to follow regarding this particular incident.  They have completed their duties at this time.

But, before this turns into a back and forth discussion for the next several weeks/months, I suggest you check out some websites to further educate yourself on this vast and difficult program.  Therefore, I have some suggested websites to check out.

The Federal website for municipal storm water is at  There is a lot of info on this site.  It is primarily devoted to agencies and permitted communities, not so much the citizen.  However, they do have one section within the stormwater website devoted to education.  This is a good place to start for the average citizen who is new to the program.  That site is at  so go here first.  From here, you can scroll down to a pdf document called Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff This fact sheet will give you an idea of what this program is all about.  Dumping, if that is what happened, is included in this program.  There are a few other pdf documents that are pretty good too to check out.

 When/if you are interested in Michigan’s specific requirements for communities that need permits you can check out our website at,1607,7-135-3313_3682_3716---,00.html  You will find THREE storm water programs.  The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program is for municipalities (including public schools).  This is where you will find the permits with the requirements for municipalities to follow in Michigan.  Keep in mind, these permits are very long and the information is primarily devoted to permitted communities, not so much the citizen.  So, from the permits you can look up the notification section.  They are all the same so it does not matter which permit you open up.  In addition, there are lots of guidance documents just to help the permitted communities stay in compliance with their permits.


As a reminder, listed below is a video of the spill....